Do museums still matter?

Canadian current affairs show "The agenda with Steve Paikin" held a debate with some big names in the north American museum business:

Increasingly, our world is filled with tablets, smart phones and lap tops. We move at a pace that would have been unimaginable only a few decades ago. Steven Conn’s book “Do Museums Still Need Objects” uses museums as a lens to explore 21st century challenges around public space and civic identity. How have globalization, technology and progress influenced our relationship with the museum? Steven Conn joins a panel of world-renowned experts to debate the importance of having a public space to be among tangible artifacts which connect us to the past.

I don’t know what kind of viewership this programme gets, but how great is it to see such a discussion being held on TV? Well worth a listen!

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    I mean, I know my particular opinion, but it is nice to know that others are talking about this!
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